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About KeyIntegrity

KeyIntegrity is a Russia-based company founded in 2005.

The company provides solutions for e-commerce, business automation,  data storing and processing,  busines processing , decision support and other domains.

Keyintegrity developers have vast experience in the field of open source and world-known vendor technologies such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft.

Keyintegrity solutions are mainly for Telecommunications, Industrial, and Public sectors.

The name "KeyIntegrity" delivers the message that our SOA solutions provide 100% integrity along with agility and scalability for heterogeneous information systems.

Keyintegrity provides professional services in the offshore development of complex standalone software and web applications. Our headquarters are in Vladimir, Russia  (near Moscow).

Company’s staff numbers more than 20 experts in different IT domains.One of the key points in our HR policy is provision of exceptional opportunities for professional growth and self-actualization.

A team that would meet all your requirements can be built in a very short period oftime. Our primary goals are providing Offshore Development services and Development of Complex Software that requires strong analytical and development skills.

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