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E-docflow Systems

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Today a lot of companies tend to automate their docflow. E-docflow systems are becoming more and more popular because they ensure effective business process management, right managerial (administrative) decision making, and real-time interaction between workers, customers and partners. Modern E-docflow systems shorten (reduce) the time of preparing, sending and receiving of business documents (correspondence) and enable controlling at every stage of their life cycle.

KeyIntegrity automation solutions are based on the IBM (Lotus Domino). The modular construction (structure) of this platform enables creating flexible scalable solutions that meet the customers' demands. Besides designing, development and implementation KeyIntegrity specialists also integrate e-docflow systems with other systems of the customer.

E-docflow systems ensure:

  • Increased manageability of an enterprise.
  • Support of the corporate interaction regulations.
  • Faster decision making.
  • All facilities for knowledge and information exchange.
  • Enterprise process and products improvement.
  • Service quality improvement


Our E-docflow system has all the means of creation an interconnect information management space at the organizations of any complexity. The system provides support of complex document agreement (concordance) routes.

Built-in processes of document processing that can be modified and aligned according to customers' specificity, ensure quick business process automation without any delay and loss of time.

Choosing KeyIntegrity E-docflow systems means:

  • High production.
  • Easy administration and scaling.
  • Quick information access though the Web.
  • Information security.
  • Usability.
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