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KeyIntegrity portal solutions are based on Oracle AS Portal 10g. They are developed with the use of open standards and technologies, what makes the system scalable and flexible so you can easily add new functionality.

A portal that enables the acceleration of the client response rate will surely become an essential tool for management and information exchange in the integrated web-environment.

Simple work place arrangement facilitates the work of the end-user and shortens the time of the new user training. Quick Search facility enables access to the internal and external corporate information through usual Web-interface, making work results more efficient and providing real-time interaction between clients and partners.

Within the scope of the portal development KeyIntegrity specialists provide the following services:

  • Development of the portal framework concept, its functionality specification according to business requirements of the customer.
  • Design and user interface optimization.
  • Supply and setting up of the basic software.
  • Dedicated (special) component development.
  • Development and implementation of the corporate business applications and portal integration solution.
  • Portal implementation and personnel training.
  • Tech support and system management.
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