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Regardless of size and complexity of the project implemented, our specialists stick to a definite algorithm that allows controlling work quality and efficiency of every stage of a project.

Project realization Scheme

  • Express-survey of the enterprise (express-evaluation) is done in case the client does not have a ready-made technical task, it allows to define aims, tasks, timetable and cost of the project.
  • Through survey of the enterprise accomplished by KeyIntegrity analyst group. The survey includes function description (realization requirements), specification and description of the functionality, description of the interface requirements, requirements re the functions binding, description of processes and realization algorithms.
  • Development of the tech project: our specialists analyze the collected information and include it with the implementation terms into the Technical project which is submitted to the Client for approval. After that tech tasks and responsibilities are stated.
  • Software development and testing is done in strict accordance with the Technical Task. Our developers use the extreme programming methodology (XP) that simplifies and speeds up the development process also making the development much more reliable. Testing is done at two levels, the level of program components and the performance level of the entire system. That helps to avoid bugs and provides well coordinated work of the system in the future.
  • Software product setup (installation).
  • Software testing at the customer's.
  • User training.
  • Beta testing of the system: together with our clients we agree on the results of the project and approve them, locate bugs, prepare the system for the commercial operation and do the necessary overpatching. Then receive-passing testing is carried out.
  • Commissioning of the system is done only when the system has successfully passed the testing within the bounds of the new business-process scheme. Final check of system availability and legal implementation of completion of works is done before the launching.

All KeyIntegrity clients are provided with postproject support.

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