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Business Process Management

During the past few decades the process approach to management organization has already proved its effectiveness. At the bottom of this concept lies the idea of the business process, which is a sequence of operations fulfilled to achieve business aims of an enterprise.

To improve business agility in quickly changing market environment every enterprise should manage its business processes in accordance with market needs and clients' requirements.

In the BPM approach management techniques (methods) are realized through corresponding technologies. That is why this approach ensures effective business process realization and gives an opportunity to constantly improve them.

The basis of BPM - Modeling - enables quick process reorganization in concordance with external requirements proving thus business agility.

In our BPM solutions we use techniques and tools that ensure effective management at all the stages of business process life cycle: from strategic planning and designing to implementation and controlling.

One of the main BPM solution advantages is that business processes are controlled by the marketing director of an enterprise. With the help of BPM the marketing director can get current information about business trends and immediately take most successful decisions without using any IT-facilities.

KeyIntegrity solutions merge SOA and BPM technologies because SOA is the optimal environment for creation and integration of business processes.

KeyIntegrity services within the scope of BPM:

  • Business process description. Creation of business model.
  • Business process modeling and testing.
  • Projection of business model on the IT: creating business services, linking services with the process model and business rules.
  • Process integration and rendering of services to internal and external customers.
  • Process metrics and service quality real-time controlling.
  • Business rules defining and optimizing.
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