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Ballanced ScoreCard

KeyIntegrity BSC is a software solution meant to organize data collection, reporting, calculation and visualization of KPIs (key performance indicators) through cards and trends that help to take effective strategic decisions for BD (business development).

Our BSC solution supports balanced scorecard methodology.

Due to our software your company will be able:

  • To work with scorecards (and manage their structure), strategic initiatives and also to fulfil automated algorithm based value analysis.
  • To get scorecard value directly from heterogeneous sources: databases, Web services, enterprise (corporate) applications.
  • To create data entry forms that can be used for value calculation. The forms allow to enter not automated data from enterprise accounting systems.
  • To create various reports and apply to reporting through standard Web interface.

KeyIntegrity BSC - is an open source Java-based product. Our BSC can be used to create integrated analytical solutions based on product lines of different vendors (Oracle, Microsoft, IBM etc.) and also on open source products such as JBoss, Jasper Soft, Sun Microsystems.

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